Cmd Space Not Working on Mac (Quick Fixing Guide)

Cmd + Space is a useful hotkey combination that you may set and use for easier access to macOS features. Nevertheless, it can be frustrating when the combo you frequently use stops working.

How to Solve Cmd Space Not Working on Mac

In most cases, when the Cmd + Space hotkey combo stops working on Macs, it is usually because it is reserved elsewhere on your Mac. Therefore, you will need to identify where it is being used.

Here are ways to check and resolve Cmd Space not working on Mac:

Ensure It Is Not In Use by Spotlight

A non-functional Cmd + Space hotkeys combination might be because another feature on your Mac is using it. For a start, make sure Spotlight is not using the hotkey combo by:

  1. Launch Spotlight’s System Preferences.
  2. Navigate to Keyboard > Shortcuts > Spotlight, and disable the menu keyboard shortcut.  

Ensure It Is Not In Use by Language Switch

If you have used or still use different languages on your Mac keyboard, there may be a chance that the Cmd + Space hotkeys combination could have been used to switch languages. To disable the combo, follow these steps:

  1. Launch System Preferences on your Mac.
  2. Navigate to Keyboard > Input Sources.
  3. If you have one language set, add another to allow the system to toggle between two options, thus allowing change to the keyboard shortcut.
  4. Navigate to Keyboard > Shortcuts and in the sidebar select Spotlight, making sure the Cmd + Space hotkeys are not set, and then uncheck the boxes to disable them.
  5. Again in Keyboard > Shortcuts preferences, select Input sources and ensure Cmd + Space are not set and their boxes are unchecked.
  6. Go back to Keyboard > Input Sources and get rid of the second language if you no longer use it.

Reserved Hotkeys by macOS / X

Regardless of whether you are not effectively utilizing the hotkeys for Spotlight or language, macOS/OS X might be saving the combination in the background. On the off chance that this is the situation, in the Input sources, select a subsequent language, and at that point go to the Keyboard and Text Input segment once more, untick the two checkboxes that identify with the input source.

Once the hotkey combination is disabled or changed, then you can proceed to unselect the second language.

Ensure It Is Not In Use by Siri

If you use macOS 10.13 and above versions, follow these steps to identify whether the Cmd + Space hotkey combination is in use:

  1. Launch System Preferences > Siri.
  2. Change the Hold Command Space shortcut and change it to a different one. Optionally, you could disable this feature on Siri.

Ensure It Is Not In Use by Any Third-party Apps

You may have set the Cmd + Space combo as hotkeys in an app you installed on your Mac.  If so, you will have to change or disable the hotkeys in the app.

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