Did your Mac Screen Sharing Suddenly stop? Can’t seem to share your screen? All that you Should Know and What to Do

mac screen sharing

The screen-sharing app is a significant feature in facilitating online classes, virtual meetings, and even video conferencing calls on the macOS.

The screen sharing feature is an alternative to splitting the screen on a Mac. Also, it is an in-built remote-access service that allows the smooth transition and communication between two (or even more) Mac computers connected within the same network.

Some Common Problems which Cause the Mac Screen not to Share

The Mac screen sharing feature can be set-up under the system preference settings.

However, as you continue to use the screen sharing feature on your Mac (Mojave, Big Sur, Catalina, and others), you might encounter significant issues like screen flickering on MacBook and flashing file folder at startup.

Fortunately, our expert team will comprehensively look at why the Mac screen sharing not working on different devices.

Here are five of the most common reasons that cause screen sharing not to work efficiently.

  • Outdated third-party Apps. If you are using third-party apps like Zoom and Skype to share the screen.
  • Check cable connection(if you are using Ethernet cables to connect)
  • Check the Wi-Fi connection. Make sure there is an efficient wireless connection if you are using Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Outdated Operating System
  • File sharing misconfiguration like privacy

Quick-fix Solutions For Mac Screen Not Sharing Issue

Here’s what to do when the issue persists. There are five DIY solutions.

1. Turn OFF screen sharing and back ON

Turning off the screen sharing can help reset the settings.

Step-by-Step Procedure
  1. Navigate to system preferences
  2. On the sharing checkbox, deselect it and continue

To turn it ON once more, go to system preference, sharing, and select the screen sharing option.

You can now connect the two Mac computers again.

2. Restart or Force Quit the File Sharing App

If the file-sharing app is misbehaving, you can force quit it or even restart it.

Step-by-Step Procedure
  1. Simultaneously press the command button + option key + escape (ESC) key to access the force quit window.
  2. Choose the file-sharing app that you want to quit
  3.  and confirm if the app is now working.

3. Restart/Reboot Your Mac

Restarting your MacBook can not only resolve the file-sharing issue. Restarting your MacBook can help reset the settings or even remove misconfigured settings naturally.

4. Update your Device

If you are either using the macOS Big Sur, Mojave, High Sierra, or Catalina, you should update it.

Likewise, if you have recently upgraded your device and encountered this issue, you can downgrade macOS to resolve the file-sharing not working.

Step-by-Step Procedure
  • If you are using the Mojave or its successors, navigate to System Preferences, Software Update.
  • If you are using the High Sierra or its predecessor, go to App Store and navigate to the Update section to update the macOS.

5. Ensure that Both Macs are Connected to the Same Network

If the devices are not connected to the same network, then the file sharing option will not work.

To check the configuration, you should follow the steps below

  1. On the Apple menu, navigate to System Preferences
  2. Click Network
  3. Note the computer name that you want to connect
  4. Click the particular computer, then connect

6. Damaged Cables

If you are using Ethernet cables to connect different Macs, you should physically confirm if there is any evidence of physical damage to the cables

Also, you should check and ensure that the end of the cables is in the correct ports.

7. Check Security Settings and Privacy Permissions

If Mac’s security settings and privacy permissions are turned on, then you will not share the screen between the devices.

Here’s how to check the security permission

  1. Navigate to the Apple Menu then System Preferences
  2. Go to Security & Privacy
  3. On the Privacy tab, click screen recording (located on the left-hand side)
  4. Check if the lock menu is ON. If so, change the settings and restart the app that had issues with screen sharing (either Zoom, Skype, or any other app available)

Important to Take Note

Before attempting all the above troubleshooting guides, you should check whether the camera, microphone, and accessibility are configured correctly.

The camera shares videos and images. The microphone, on the other hand, allows audio efficiency during voice conferencing. However, you can occasionally encounter issues with the audio settings during screen sharing.

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