How to Fix Frozen Apps on Mac Pro

Fix Frozen Apps on Mac Pro

Several reasons can cause apps on Mac Pro to freeze. For a start, an app may freeze by itself, or at times, it may cause the whole system to freeze with it. Here are a few reasons why this could be happening:

  • Apps freezing in the background of the Mac Pro

This may be a result of several apps running in the background. Some that you even did not open, but just started on themselves. Most likely, they are set to start automatically in your featured startup items. If this is the case, and it happens time after time, you may need to check these apps running in the background and set them not to launch on startup.

  • Processes freeze in the background

This is not the same as an app freezing. Several processes may be running as a result of an app or it could be that system processes run by themselves thus causing the Mac Pro to freeze.

  • Too many apps and processes running

This is similar to the preceding issue above. The difference is how many apps and processes are running. Therefore, depending on your Mac Pro’s hardware capacity, you can read on how to fix the issue.

  • The Mac pro system is cluttered with junk to run even simple tasks

This is easy to fix since you can use an app to better optimize your Mac Pro. One such app, for example, is CleanMyMac X. This will require you to scan and delete things you do not need consequently resolving your freezing problems.

Fixing Frozen Apps on Mac Pro

Frozen apps can often become completely unresponsive causing you to stop working, lose your work, or even corrupt or damage a file. Fortunately, there are ways you can try to solve this issue.

To begin with, you can try quitting the app. If this does not work or the app keeps on freezing whenever you start it, you can try either of the following ways to fix the issue:

How to quit a frozen or unresponsive app on Mac Pro

Quitting and restarting an app is one way you can go about the freezing dilemma. This can be done either from the Force Quit Window or from the OS X Dock. Here are the steps to quit an app forcefully from the OS Dock:

  • Click anywhere outside of the program.
  • Press Control + click or right-click on the icon of the frozen app in the Dock.
  • A menu appears on the frozen app.
  • On your Mac Pro’s keyboard, hold down the Option key so that Quit in that menu changes to Force Quit.
  • Select Force Quit.
  • The frozen app instantly closes.
  • Restart or relaunch the app.

If the dock seems to be unresponsive or you would wish to work with it hidden, simply open the Force Quit dialog box, which will enable you to execute the same task.

Here is a guide on how to do this:

  • On your Mac Pro’s keyboard, press the Option, Command, and Escape (Option + Command/ ⌘ + Escape) keys at the same time.
  • A dialog box with Force Quit appears showing the running programs.
  • Select the frozen app and click on the Force Quit option.
  • The app stops and you may choose to restart it again.

How to Fix Mac Pro’s Freezing Apps:

Start by checking the apps that run in the background when you start up your Mac Pro. To do so:

  • Head over to Settings, then Users and Groups, then to Login items.
  • Secondly, uncheck or unselect all apps, as one or more may be the cause of the freezing issue.
  • Restart your Mac Pro and launch the Activity monitor to see the programs or processes running.

You can find the Activity Monitor by typing it in the Launchpad or searching through the Spotlight Search. You can also use Finder in the Applications to access the Activity Monitor by going to Applications > Utilities folder > Activity Monitor.

On the Activity Monitor, you will be able to see several processes in each tab. However, you should focus on the Memory and CPU tabs. Click on the percentage icon (%) to see the processes and their running states on your Mac Pro.

The ones on top of the list are the heaviest users and could be a reason why your app(s) keeps on freezing. Do not uninstall or try fixing anything at this point since some essential system processes are important and are what keeps your Mac Pro system running.

Other Ways to fix Frozen Apps on your Mac Pro

  • Ensure the app is compatible with your Mac OS version by checking its documentation
  • In the app, open a different file as there may be an issue with the original file.
  • Check for the software updates.
  • Detach any exterior devices attached to your Mac Pro such as a printer. They may be incompatible with your Mac Pro’s OS version.
  • Uninstall any or all app enhancements or plugins sources from other manufacturers
  • A recent update to your OS or app may cause previously installed enhancements or plugins to be no longer compatible.
  • Run a diagnostic on your Mac Pro to identify if a previously installed hardware or upgrade, such as memory, could be either defective, improperly installed, or incompatible.

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