How to Import Photos From iPhone to Mac

Import Photos From iPhone to Mac

Nowadays, we take photos regularly, if not on daily occasions. Pictures are a great way of sharing past events and safely keeping memories for future references.

When you take photos with your iPhone, you can either save them on the device’s internal memory or the iCloud storage system. However, if you do not want to consume the device’s memory, you will need to save the photos on a computer’s drive.

Note that: Storage and security are the main reason that prompts you to store photos on the mac.

So, how does one achieve this how to import photos from iPhone to mac? Many iPhone users ask this crucial question.

There are many different ways of importing photos from an iPhone to a mac. Some of the available ways include iPhotos, email transfer, iTunes, Photo Booth, WiFi, iCloud, and AirDrop. Other transfer tools like iMobile AnyTrans can also help get the job done.

However, in this article, we will specifically look at secure ways, the most efficient and selective ways of importing photos from an iPhone to a Mac computer.

One straight forward way of importing photos is via the photos icon.

Step-by-step procedure

  1. Connect your iPhone
  2. Open Photos icon
  3. Select your device from the left list of available devices
  4. Click the photos command.
  5. Select all the photos you want and begin import

Other different way to import photos from iPhone to Mac is in-built software to consider

  1. Using Finder
  2. Using image capture

In-built software

All Mac computers come with in-built software that facilitates efficient transfer of videos and photos from the iPhone to the computer.

Below is one software:

Image capture

  1. Open image capture on the others folder. Alternatively, you can open image capture by pressing the command button+space bar and search for image capture or even using the Finder icon.
  2. Before proceeding, you should go to Settings on your iPhone, go to photos& camera, scroll down to transfer to Mac and PC and click keep original.
  3. Connect your iPhone to the Mac with the original cable
  4. Your photos will automatically be visible on the image capture dashboard.
  5. At the bottom of the image capture window, you will see an option of “import to.
  6. Select the destination you want and click the import command

Sync via Finder (Available only for macOS Catalina)

Finder is another efficient way of importing photos to your mac. The Finder app comes installed with on all Macbooks.

  1. Connect your device
  2. Open Finder
  3. Click import and choose all the photos you want to import
  4. Finder can also import a whole photo library.

Upload via AirDrop OS X Lion (10.7)

AirDrop feature (that works similar to the Bluetooth transfer in mobile devices) which efficiently helps the transfer of photos and videos from an iPhone to a Mac computer.

How to go about it
  1. On your iPhone, open the Photos App.
  2. Select all the photos you want to transfer
  3. Click share. When you click share, you will see different options – including AirDrop.
  4. Enable AirDrop on both the Mac and iPhone device. (If your Macbook Apps freeze while you are setting up connection, you can troubleshoot it using the correct guide).
  5. Transfer photos to your Mac

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