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How to connect AirPods to windows 10

connect AirPods to windows 10

AirPods are an advanced addition in the technology world. Today, most people use these high-end convenience accessories to not only play their favorite music but carry out other significant functions like receiving calls hands-free.

Originally, AirPods are made to function with the iPhones and Apple MacBooks. But, with the right guide and DIY step-by-step procedure, you can be able to connect the ear buds with other operating systems.

Here, we will specifically look at all the available ways of resourcefully connecting AirPods to Windows 10. If you are having any trouble with the microphone, try to read our guide on how to fix microphone on windows 10 for an in-depth troubleshooting guide.

Before we continue, we need to answer two simple questions that many computer users ask.

1. Can I connect my AirPods with Windows 10?

2. How to connect AirPods with Windows 10?

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Answer to question No.1. Yes. You can connect the AirPods to Windows 10 and other operating systems comfortably. If you connect your AirPods to Windows 10, they will still work like ordinary Bluetooth speakers.

Answer to question No.2. There are the steps to follow for a successful outcome.

This is the Bluetooth connection step-by-step procedure.

  • Step 1.Turn on Bluetooth on your Windows 10 laptop to pair with the AirPods
  • Step 2. On the Bluetooth settings screen, click the (+) button to make the laptop in a discoverable mode.
  • Step 3.Open the AirPod’s case lids and insert your AirPods.
  • Step 4.Turn on the AirPods by pressing and holding the power ON button on the case for a few seconds until the green light starts flashing white. (This makes the AirPods be in a discoverable mode)
  • Step 5. On the Add a device window, you will see the AirPods under the discovered list.
  • Step 6. The AirPods will automatically connect with your Windows 10.
  • Step 7.  Enjoy your music comfortably

Note that once you have connected the AirPods to the laptop for the first time, you will not need to carry out a new setup. The next time, your AirPods will easily connect when you open Bluetooth on both devices.

What to always remember

Although you can connect your AirPods to Windows 10, your AirPods will have limited functionalities opposed to using the AirPods on either the iPhone or Apple computer.

  • The double-tap functionality to pause audio will not work.
  • Siri will not work on Windows 10.
  • When you remove one AirPod, the earbuds will not play audio files. Unlike when you are using the accessories on any other Apple device.


There are a few frequently asked questions concerning the AirPods and Windows 10 connectivity.

We will try to answer the most crucial question that computer users ask.

1. Can I connect my AirPods to Windows 10 without Bluetooth?

A. No. As of now, the only logical way of connecting the AirPods to your Windows 10 laptop is by using the Bluetooth advanced feature. If you do not have a built-in Bluetooth enabled computer, you can alternatively use a Bluetooth USB adapter to connect the AirPod with your Windows 10 computer.

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