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Efficient Ways to Setup Windows Hello Face Recognition in Windows 10

Windows 10 in partnership with Microsoft continue to come up with new and improved features. These features enable a faster and secure login process.

In this article, we will not look at each advanced Windows 10 feature. Instead, we will only focus on the Windows 10 Hello face recognition.

But before we look at all the efficient ways you can use to set up Windows hello face recognition, we need to answer one question.

What is Windows hello face recognition?


The Hello Facial recognition is a Microsoft-enabled feature that allows you to log in to different Windows 10 versions. Also, face recognition is an intuitive addition compared to using a pin, fingerprint recognition, or any other login alternatives.

You should, however, have an Intel Real Sense camera on your device to set up hello face recognition. You can test the webcam before setting up the hello face recognition.

Advantages of Using the Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is not only an advanced alternative. It is another common and secure feature that prevents unauthorized login to your device. Facial recognition has also gained popularity because of its intuitive characteristics.

There are a few advantages with Windows 10 hello face recognition. However, below are three significant ones to note.

  • Fast and reliable Identity/verification alternative
  • Enhanced security
  • An advanced and hands-free login alternative

How to Set-up Facial Recognition

Method 1

Method 1 is the most commonly used alternative for setting up Windows 10 facial recognition.

You should follow the steps below to set up facial recognition

  1. Click the start button
  2. Navigate to the settings menu, then choose accounts
  3. Go to “sign-in options.” Here, you will see different options, including setting up the pin, picture password, and other related options
  4. Under Windows Hello, click Set Up.
  5. On the “set up Window,” you should follow all the steps provided. This includes taking passport photos under different settings or even choosing a PIN.
  6. Face the camera until it recognizes your face.
  7. Click done when you have completed the process.

Note that: It is essential to complete the setup process. This is because you will often login under different settings (including when there is no sufficient lighting)

Method 2

Method 2is not only familiar but straightforward.

Step-by-Step Procedure

  1. Type Windows hello on the start menu search bar. You will see different results, including Set up face sign-in, Set up fingerprint sign-in, and Set up iris sign-in.
  2. Click “Set up face sign-in.”
  3. The ACCOUNTS Window will open. Here, you will find different features.
  4. Click the Windows hello option to set up.
  5. Follow all the steps to complete the setup process

Signing in to Your Account

To sign in to your account after successful face recognition is simple.

Start your computer and wait for the camera to detect your face.

Final Thoughts

If you want to remove the hello facial recognition, you should navigate to the Settings menu>Accounts Window >Sign-in options. Click Remove to disable facial recognition.

Using the face recognition feature is convenient if you have a malfunctioning keyboard.

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