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about OneNote Windows 10

OneNote is Microsoft’s Office digital notebook application, which backs up information to Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud. OneNote has been a part of Microsoft since 2003. This application allows you to organize pictures, articles, files, and even notes in a single digital notebook. OneNote is available for most devices including Mobiles, Laptops, Desktops, and for all the operating systems (iOS, Windows, and Android).

OneNote for Windows comes pre-installed by default with the stock version of Windows 10 (Home, Pro, and Business included), and as long as you are upgraded to the new version of Microsoft’s Operating system, the OneNote application icon automatically appears or is visible in the Start Menu.

OneNote for Windows 10 Features:

1. Organize data in Notebook

One of OneNote’s best features is the arrangement or organization of data in the Notebook. This helps you to store data in a notebook format. The notebook consists of one or more sections, and individual pages or sub-pages are included in each section. In the notebook, information can be stored in the form of texts, pictures, audio, and video.

2. Web clipper

The OneNote Web Clipper makes it possible to extract information from any web page to OneNote. Clipped web pages can be downloaded or accessed on any device, tablet, or phone.

3. Templates

OneNote comes with a pre-designed template and contains numerous in-built layouts including a consistent template, a uniform appearance template, and decorative page backgrounds.

4. Text Search

OneNote for Windows 10 has the capability of searching particular texts. By simply pressing the Ctrl+F key, you enable the search panel, from which you can type what you want to search.

5. Recording

In OneNote, one of the most significant features is recording. You can record audio or video by clicking on the Insert option, then select the Record Audio or Video. Using OneNote, you can easily record any interview or important notes in your voice.

6. Protect Sections with Password

The Window’s 10 OneNote gives you the option of providing password security for each section in a notebook.

7. Tags

Tags in OneNote help you to organize content, remember tasks, or find content based on the tags attached to it.

8. Translate Notes

OneNote has a translation option that allows you to translate notes from one language to another.

9. Ink to Text

OneNote’s ink to text option is mostly handy when converting handwritten notes to typed text. It is very useful when it comes to writing or adding notes to reports, resumes, and formal documents.

10. Ink to Math

The ink to Math option in Window’s 10 OneNote helps when converting a handwritten equation to a formatted one.

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