Apple and Google Won’t Update Covid-19 Contact tracing App

contact tracing app

As the world battles the COVID-19 virus, severer measures are now put in place. In the United States, for instance, over 200 million citizens have already been administered with the vaccine. Others should receive the vaccine in a few weeks’ or months’ time.

In the UK, the National Health Service (NHS) has partnered with Google and Apple technology firms to develop a contact tracing app that can track whether one has been in contact or has tested positive from the virus.

How the App Currently Works

The Covid-19 contact tracing app works in a straightforward manner. You only need to download the current version to enjoy its services.

In the UK and Wales, most public service locations like restaurants, shops, supermarkets, and other service-related stores have a QR code that is efficient.

What the Update Means

What you should do is upload all your recent check-ins. The generated QR code results will indicate whether a previous individual was in contact or has been in a location considered “a high risk.”

If you install the NHS contact tracing app on your device, you should scan the QR codes whenever you visit public places. Your details are stored automatically on the database for future reference.

What’s the Importance of this Reference Result?

The reference result generated from the database via the QR code can indicate whether someone at the same venue reported positive results. This allows you to stay alert or even go for testing.

Why the Recent Ban?

The NHS contact tracing app update has recently been banned. Why? There is one significant reason.

  1. The update is expected to share the individual’s location – Which is against the terms and conditions of the app.
What Next Now?

This update affects residents of England and Wales.

Now, Individuals with the contact tracing app will only use the current version and won’t download an updated version. The current version does not include location sharing.

You can still download and install the current app.

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