Apple updates iWork for macOS and iOS with new linking features and more

Apple updates iWork for macOS and iOS

Gone with the Old version and in with the New and improved special features. In this exclusive news article, you will read and understand what the latest 2021 Apple update offers.

The iWork office suite is a distinct feature that allows Apple users (iOS and macOS) to perform significant office-related functionalities. If you have the iWork app on your device, you can either create spreadsheets or even edit an existing word document, resourcefully.

Since its release 16 years ago in 2005, iWork has seen significant changes and updates altogether. Successively, a few outstanding releases include the iWork 05 (first ever release) and iWork 2021 (latest release). There are other 9 releases within the 16 years.

So, What are the Few Notable Features to Take Note off?

Some of the notable 2021 improvements include keynote, numbers, and pages.

With Keynote, you will now find an improved keynote that has advanced “chat” options and significant animation features/templates. Also, you should note an increase in performance, updated user interface, and additional thumbnails.

Unfortunately, you cannot link phone numbers and email addresses on the keynote.

“Numbers” has seen an advancement in shared spreadsheet features. Also, you can have links to email addresses, phone numbers, and web pages. And that’s not all. As a teacher, you can view the student’s progress as well as the total time spent on numbers and overall word count.

For pages, you will also find significant updates. You can efficiently link email addresses, phone numbers, and web pages.


This free update is available for download from the Apple Store. Also, you should note that the updates majorly focus on schoolwork.

This is, however, not the last Apple update. Newer updates will continue to see significant performance functionalities as well as advanced highlights in future.

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