Apple Will Now Start to “Randomize” Mac Serial Numbers

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A serial number is a unique encrypted code identifier that is available in almost everything commercial accessory. Serial numbers are essential in identifying the make, brand, and security status of a particular device. Also, computer serial numbers are necessary in case you want assistance in troubleshooting.

Macs have their serial numbers printed on the underside. These serial numbers are crucial elements during a repair. For instance, when a Mac exhibits hitches, its model can be swiftly determined, making troubleshooting precise and concise.

Since 2010, Apple manufactured Mac devices with a unique (8-14) digit alphanumeric serial number in a particular sequence. All these redefined privacy digits, however, have a few significance. Which we will discuss further down this article. Read more for other related Mac and Windows 10 updated news.

In case the serial number has been scrapped off or lost, you can view it on the settings menu. You can check the eligibility of your device by viewing the status through Apple’s online website.

Mac serial numbers and IMEI codes have for the longest time never been randomized and encrypted. How so?

Decoding the Meaning of Serial Numbers

Mac’s serial number includes information like the manufacturing date, specific location, and so much more. However, after the randomization process begins, some key info will be stripped off.

Current code arrangement: The first three digits indicate the location of the manufacture. The next two digits represent the year and week of manufacture. The last 4 digits indicate the model number. Other digits (between 2 to 3) are just a unique identifier.

Mac’s Serial Number Randomization

Recently, Apple announced through its official web platform that it will start to roll out Mac devices with the randomized serial number –with no consistency and codes. Also, the randomization will immediately follow with a series of MacBook upgrades.

This “randomization” is to start any moment now, according to MacRumors.

However, as of now, Apple has not yet made the news public or explained the reason behind the randomization. But soon, you will know when it will be official.

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