Microsoft announces its next 21H1 update for Windows 10

21H1 update for Windows 10

Microsoft has for the longest time continued to update its windows operating system’skey features and majorfunctionalities every particular season (probably after six months). It’s barely five months now andwe are about to expect the launch of the tenth version (20H2). Windows 10 users are about to experience an even more enhanced improvement.

More often, when there is an Operating Systems update, the key features on focus are security, program efficiency, and other minor enhancements.However, this is not the case and primary focus for the Microsoft trademark.

As of today, the Windows 10 version 21H1 is the 11th edition and latest addition from the current 11 PC versions. The 21H1 update is a successor of the version 20H2 which was released on October 2020 and a predecessor of the “Dev Channel models.

Recently, Microsoft announced its next Windows 10 update. An update set to be launched not later than the first half of 2021 with a support of a year & a half.

The update is said to be a major improvement and a significant achievement of the previously launched edition.

Features to be included

The new Windows 10 update will include a number of significant features. You can find the most interesting one on this list below.

  • Security
  • Bug fixes
  • Multi-camera support
  • Remote access

Multi-camera support

Windows Hello facial authentication is a feature that allows unconventionalfacial recognition/verificationto unlock and authenticate Windows.

Previously, Windows had set the internal camera as the only device that can authenticate facial recognition.But now, the 21H1 edition now has an enhanced multi-camera support. You can set an external web camera as the Windows Hello facial authenticationdefault device.

Security (Windows Defender)

When it comes to security enhancement issues, the 21H1has a few significant improvements. For instance, the Group Policy Service and WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation)that are usually used for remote working scenarios has been beefed up.

How to install the update

Once the Windows 10 21H1 version has been released on the market, you will be able to access the updated version on your machine via an easy to follow download steps.

  1. On your computer, go to the start menu
  2. Navigate to settings
  3. Go to Update & Security
  4. Windows Update

Final thoughts

Even though there has been a number of significant improvements on the 21H1 version, this update is considered a “minor adjustment.”There are a few improvements if we compare this particular windows 10 version to the previously updated October 2020 version.

Also, if you are using an advanced computer model, youshouldquicklynotice the difference in the compute’s performance compared to a user with an older computer model.

More info concerning the Windows update will be shared as time goes by with regular updates.

“Once an Insider updates their PC to 21H1, they will continue to automatically receive new 21H1 updates through Windows Update using our servicing technology (like the monthly update process). Insiders who don’t choose to install 21H1 right away will continue to receive 20H2 updates until we move all of the Beta Channel forward to 21H1 in the coming weeks.” Quotes the Microsoft officials.

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